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Help us to furnish the Harvest for Hope house by signing up to donate an essential household item. Commit to giving an appliance or a piece of furniture to make the house into a home.

Please make sure you include your email address when signing up. Once the gift list has closed, all donations will need to be dropped at the Hub Coffee House @ Oasis Waterloo so they can be delivered to the Harvest for Hope house.

You can also donate the money to buy an item on the list instead of buying the item yourself. Simply use the link above to sign up to an item, and donate the listed amount online here. We will then purchase the item on your behalf.



Through Harvest for Hope, there are some very easy ways you can provide direct support to families being resettled in the UK. Simply give a few hours of your time - we need people power!


  1. Help renovate a house! This year we are buying a house to accommodate a family being resettled in London. Are you a carpenter, a plumber or a painting and decorating superstar? Do you know people in the trade? We need you!

  2. Can you give some pro bono time to help the purchase of the property? Are you a lawyer, an estate agent or housing specialist? Please get in touch!

  3. Can you help with the resettlement process? Do you speak another language? Can you provide day-to-day practical support for the family and those in need?

Please message us here to tell us how you can help!